Warden Call

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  • Resident speech units
  • Radio pendant panic buttons
  • Optional pull cords, alarm / assistance buttons etc.
  • Fixed, radio or DECT staff units with speech
  • Integrated door entry
  • Off-site monitoring
  • Additional alarms e.g. door exit, smoke, water level, room temperature etc.


Folknoll offer a range of warden call equipment to provide peace of mind to occupants of warden controlled care homes and sheltered accommodation.

Warden call systems enable residents, visitors and staff to obtain assistance in the event of emergency or other contingency. They may also be used warn staff when associated alarms are activated e.g. door exit, water level, smoke etc.

If appropriate, door entry intercom with remote door release can be incorporated into staff and lower dependency speech units.

For those times when your site has no local staff available our systems can be configured to report alarms and other events to remote sites.

Folknoll will design and supply fully tested systems or individual components. Contact our team of engineers to discuss your requirements.

Designed for Life

At Folknoll all Warden Call products are designed for easy installation, simple configuration, straightforward operation, low maintenance and high reliability.

Custom Units

Folknoll is a customer focused company. If you require special software features, custom made units or larger systems, then please contact Folknoll to discuss your requirements.

Further Information

Please Contact Us or visit our Downloads page for further information about Folknoll products.