Intelligent Affray Alarm


  • Range of standard, illuminated and IP65 alarm strips, push buttons, beacons etc.
  • Control and monitoring for up to 150 zones
  • Alarm strip illumination control (on when normal, flashing if alarm, off if fault detected)
  • Alarm strip fault monitoring
  • Alarm outputs for local and central beacons, sounders etc.
  • Momentary outputs for radio interface
  • Standard LCD and LED remote indicator panels, customised panels on request
  • Outputs for BMS and security systems
  • Can be fitted to existing systems to add fault monitoring and illumination control
  • Can be integrated with Folknoll Group Ltd custodial and custody suite systems


Folknoll strip switch alarm products offer fault monitoring and strip illumination for multiple strip switch systems.

We offer a choice of standard, illuminated, IP65 strip switches, a range of colours and fixings, standard and customised indicator panels, custom engraving and alarm messages, control for up to 150 strips, outputs for additional sounders beacons etc., options for integration with custody suite and other security systems.

Strip illumination attracts attention to alarm system, indicates system is working, acts as deterrent, provides reassurance. Fault monitoring: gives confidence that when a strip is pressed the alarm will be raised.

Folknoll alarm strip products are ideal for custodial, general security and care alarm systems.

Designed for Life

At Folknoll all Intelligent Affray Alarm products are designed for easy installation, simple configuration, straightforward operation, low maintenance and high reliability.

Custom Units

Folknoll is a customer focused company. If you require special software features, custom made units or larger systems, then please contact Folknoll to discuss your requirements.

Further Information

Please Contact Us or visit our Downloads page for further information about Folknoll products.