IA9080.02: Intelligent Affray Alarm Strip Switch, Illuminated, Blue


  • Blue alarm strip
  • LED illumination (flashes on alarm)
  • Can be mounted horizontally / vertically / at an angle
  • Bends / corners available
  • Ideal for custodial affray alarm systems
  • IP65 version available

About our Intelligent Affray Alarm Strip Switch, Illuminated, Blue

Folknoll strip switch alarm products offer fault monitoring and strip illumination for multiple strip switch systems.

Alarm strips can be mounted horizontally (along length of wall), or at an angle (along stairs), or vertically for multi-level access (DDA). Corners / bends are available for changes of direction.

Alarms are activated by pressing the strip anywhere along its length.

The entire strip is illuminated by LEDs, which flash on alarm activation providing user reassurance, source indication and deterrence.

This alarm strip is compatible with Folknoll general alarm, custody suite and disabled toilet systems.

Suitable for