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Our enhanced disabled toilet alarm system can help you meet The Department for Communities and Local Government 9 March 2016 statutory guidance APPROVED DOCUMENT M VOLUME 2 for toilet, bedroom and other emergency assistance alarms.

Our large range of disabled toilet / emergency assistance alarm equipment could be the perfect solution for you.

Folknoll - meeting standards since 1975.

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Antimicrobial Alarm Strips

Folknoll now supply illuminated alarms strips treated with antimicrobial compounds offering better protection for users.

Antimicrobial compounds inhibit the growth of pathogens and reduce the risk of infection, making our strips even more suitable for use in sensitive locations e.g. care homes and hospitals, pools, saunas, showers, etc.

Our antimicrobial strips are compatible with, disabled toilet / emergency assistance alarms, custodial intelligent affray alarms, custody suite security systems, custodial security systems.

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Disabled Toilet Alarm Water Resistant Call Point

New, high‑quality, chrome finish, water‑resistant, pneumatic, alarm call point. Ideal for use in showers, saunas, swimming pools, etc. The latest product in our ever‑growing range of cost‑effective BS 8300:2009 compliant disabled toilet / emergency assistance equipment.

We supply tough, vandal resistant single and multiple toilet systems with local and remote monitoring, designed for public places. All of our systems are tailored for your site from our range of high‑quality units. Our latest top‑end systems offer fault monitoring, event log audit trails, PC operator workstations, etc.

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Disabled Toilet Alarm Network PC Workstation image

Disabled Toilet Alarm Network PC Workstation

Monitor disabled toilet / emergency assist alarms over IP Networks with our NIOS PC workstation. Fully compatible with our range of tough vandal resistant disabled toilet alarms.

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Disabled Toilet Alarms Over Telephone Lines

A new way to monitor disabled toilet alarms. Offers 2-way speech to reassure users and to allow remote assessment. Reduces control room clutter, and benefiting from existing telephone network features, e.g. night-time call forwarding and DECT handsets.

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