Police Custody Suite Cell Call


  • Cell intercom
  • Integrated affray alarm
  • Integrated door locking control
  • CCTV interface
  • Third party interfaces
  • Lip-sync audio video recording
  • Event logs
  • Flexible modular control system
  • User friendly plan based operator stations


Our Police Custody Suite Cell Call Systems is a fully integrated cell call, affray alarm, video intercom, and locking control system based on our combined custodial system.

The system offers a wide range of NOMS STD/E/SPEC/013 compatible cell call units, Samaritan call units, safer cell units, personal alarms / panic buttons, alarms strips, intercom control units etc.

Our new anti-ligature super flush back box allows maintenance access to cell call units even if the unit is sunk into anti-pick adhesive.

The combined system is operated from bespoke site graphic based GUIs with integrated video and audio. Operator stations can be networked together to allow parallel, zoned, emergency, night‑time operation.

Our system maintains a full event log, recording operator actions, audio and 'lip-sync' video. All logs and recordings can be reviewed from our password protected review suite located anywhere on the network.

Designed for Life

At Folknoll all Police Custody Suite Cell Call products are designed for easy installation, simple configuration, straightforward operation, low maintenance and high reliability.

Custom Units

Folknoll is a customer focused company. If you require special software features, custom made units or larger systems, then please contact Folknoll to discuss your requirements.

Further Information

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