Security Management Systems

Security Management Systems Range

  • NOMS compliant
  • General alarm compatible
  • Locking control compatible
  • Hinged door monitoring
  • Sliding door control
  • Videcom integration
  • Fibre and IP transmission
  • Multiple area site-wide systems available

About our Security Management Systems

Our fully integrated Security Management System combines the control and monitoring of multiple security systems into a coherent unified management system controlled and monitored from a single PC compatible workstation. Speeding throughput and reducing desk space requirements.

Managed Systems

The latest list of managed systems includes

  • Custodial Locking
  • Intercom
  • Videcom
  • General Alarm
  • Sliding Doors
  • Monitored Doors
  • PIDs
  • CCTV Control
  • Fire Release

Operational Benefits

Utilising Folknoll's integrated control solutions have been proved to offer

  • Improved Safety and Security
  • Improved staff and visitor throughput
  • Simple and effective control routines, minimising training requirements
  • Reduced space requirements in control areas
  • Clear alarm indications for speedy management decisions
  • Significantly increased reliability
  • Reduced PPM costs

System Software

With over 20 years' experience dating back to the earliest PLC based system installed in the Prison Service, our software is specified, written, tested and installed by our own engineers. We are in regular contact with HMPS to ensure that our systems fully comply with current specifications, and usually exceed these requirements. As authors of our own software, however, we are able to adapt the software to any requirement.

The Future

Folknoll are proud of its reputation as innovative specialist to the Custodial market, regularly offering new products and systems to keep pace with the continually evolving electronics industry.

We are committed to a rolling plan of system review and upgrade, to ensure that our systems continually represent the most up to date and cost effective solution to the Custodial system requirements.

Designed for Life

At Folknoll all of our products are designed for easy installation, simple configuration, straightforward operation, low maintenance and high reliability.

Custom Units

Folknoll is a customer focused company. If you require special software features, custom made units or larger systems, then please contact Folknoll to discuss your requirements.

Further Information

Please Contact Us or visit our Downloads page for further information about Folknoll products.

Products in this Range -+

The complete range of Folknoll Security Management Systems products.

Care Sector Products -+

Nursing homes, retirement homes, warden control residences, etc.

Buildings Sector Products -+

Factories, offices, hotels, stations, offices, schools and other public buildings.

Custodial Sector Products -+

Police stations, prisons, courts, secure hospitals, border agencies, etc.

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