Custodial General Alarm Sounder

  • Custodial General Alarm GA041, Sounder imageCustodial General Alarm GA041, Sounder image
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Part Number

  • GA041: Sounder


  • High audio level 110 dB sounder
  • Choice of tones
  • Ideal for custodial general alarm systems


Our NOMS compliant general alarm equipment can be used to construct a wide range of custodial alarm systems including general, officer, staff and affray alarm systems.

The GA041 is a white ABS 100 dB audible alarm sounder for the Folknoll general alarm system.

The unit can be mounted in offices, control rooms and corridors etc. to alert staff to alarm activation.

Alarms can be zoned and each GA041 configured to alert staff to alarms in one or more zones.

Other beacons, sounders and indicator panels available.