Series 9 Intercom Master, Talk, Call, Stainless

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Part Number

  • 970.50: Master, Talk, Call, Stainless Steel


  • Intercom master station
  • Integral speaker and microphone
  • High audio output (up to 80$nbsp;dB)
  • Large vandal resistant TALK/LISTEN button (push‑to‑talk)
  • Large vandal resistant CALL/CANCEL button, with integral call status LED
  • Vandal resistant, stainless steel faceplate
  • Mild steel back box
  • ANTI‑TAMPER fixings
  • ANTI‑LIGATURE design
  • Suitable for custody suites, seclusion rooms, etc.


Our NOMS compliant series 9 intercom system is specially developed for use in tough custodial environments. Most units have stainless steel faceplates, flush mount back boxes and ANTI‑TAMPER fixings, ideal for Police, MoJ, HM Prison Service, secure hospitals and similar establishments. Many units also benefit from safer cell compatible ANTI‑LIGATURE design making the system suitable for custody suites, seclusion rooms etc. For more extreme locations we also offer units with super‑flush back boxes for mounting in ANTI‑PICK adhesive.

Our 970.50 is a vandal resistant, stainless steel, series 9 intercom master station, with push‑to‑talk feature.

Push‑to‑talk enables the operator to control the audio direction, reducing the possibility of operators being accidentally overheard and preventing the user from overriding the conversation.

The speaker and microphone volume are adjustable to suit the operating environment with a maximum output of 80 dB.

The standard unit is annotated in black with the words TALK/LISTEN and CALL/CANCEL. Alternative annotation is available on request.