Closed Visits Voice Transfer Handset, Vandal Resistant

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Part Number

  • CV 9009-101: Handset, Vandal Resistant


  • Private conversations
  • Reduces feedback and crosstalk
  • Heavy duty hearing aid compatible amplified handset
  • All metal cradle
  • Heavy duty hook switch
  • Armoured cable
  • Tough 14‑gauge stainless steel faceplate
  • Ideal for prisons, police estate, and other secure counters


Our vandal resistant voice transfer / intercom system offers cost‑effective solutions for closed visits and secure counters. Super tough construction, armoured cables and stainless steel faceplates makes our system ideal for PRISON, POLICE, COURT and other CUSTODIAL FACILITIES. This voice transfer system is also suitable for use with night counters, payment windows, pharmacies and similar high‑risk locations. Our large range of handsets, powers supplies and other devices enable us to construct a system to suit your requirements.

Our CV 8000‑101 Vandal Resistant Handset is a tough, proven, flush or surface mount, handset suitable for closed visits systems, secure counter systems and similar voice transfer applications.

Using a handset in place of a loudspeaker and microphone makes conversations more private, which may be desirable or even essential in certain situations.

Voice transfer intercom units are often installed in close proximity, leading to feedback and crosstalk issues. Replacing speakers and microphones with handsets reduces these effects, improving the performance of the system and reducing installation problems.

Traditional speaker and microphone intercom systems can be difficult to use in noisy environments. The loudspeaker can be hard to hear, the microphone picks up and mixes extraneous noise with the speech, conversations can become shouting matches and very public. Using a handset is often a much better solution in noisy locations.

The unit comprises a heavy duty black hearing aid compatible amplified handset, connected to the base unit, by a vandal resistant armoured cable. The base unit has a tough 14‑gauge stainless steel faceplate, fitted with an all metal cradle and heavy duty hook switch.

This unit is ideal for use with our multi‑channel closed visits voice transfer systems. It is currently in use with HM Prison Service. The handset is also suitable for secure counters in noisy and high‑risk locations where a private conversation is desirable. E.g. night counters, pharmacies, payment windows.

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