WC9750: Controller, DECT Telephone Interface

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  • Converts DECT telephones into Warden's Hand Units
  • Audio alarm messages
  • Audio instructions
  • Talk to residents
  • DTMF controls

About our Controller, DECT Telephone Interface

Folknoll offer a range of warden call equipment to provide peace of mind to occupants of warden‑controlled care homes and sheltered accommodation.

The WC9750 Warden's DECT Telephone Interface converts DECT telephones into Warden's hand units, allowing staff to receive Prestige alarms and calls on standard DECT handsets.

The DECT handsets can also be used to call speech units and make 'all call' announcements, (providing the warden call system is fitted with an 'all call' unit).

On alarm, front door panel button press, etc. the DECT handsets ring. When the call is answered the DECT phone user hears an automated message describing the event and available options. If the event originated from a speech unit, the DECT phone user can talk to the caller to determine what action is required. If the event originated from a door entry panel, the DECT phone user can also release the door remotely.

The interface unit has a pass‑through connector which can be connected to a standard telephone line or local exchange to enable DECT handsets to make internal or external calls.

DECT telephones are not included and should be ordered separately.


ABS, white
Width: 180mm, height: 240mm, depth: 90mm (approx.)
Bus connector
Standard prestige 8‑way bus connection
Phone connector
Standard BT connector
Exchange connector
Line powered

Suitable for


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