VC 7000-084: Module, Video Matrix, Rack

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  • Video matrix module for videcom systems
  • Videcom bus addressable
  • 8‑off terminated video inputs
  • 4‑off video outputs
  • 2 simultaneous conversations
  • Status display
  • 19‑inch rack mounting
  • Can be looped together to form a video matrix of up to 128 in by 4 out

About our Module, Video Matrix, Rack

Our Videcom series is a range of easy to install, easy to operate audio/video equipment, enabling you to install tough, reliable, vandal resistant intercom and video intercom systems.

The VC 7000‑084 Video Matrix provides an 8 input 4 output video switch which can be looped together to form a video matrix of up to 128 in by 4 out.


Black painted, white annotation
1U 19‑inch rack mounting
Dimensions (including ears)
Width: 484mm, height: 42mm, depth: 180mm (approx.)
24Vdc (use standard Folknoll PSU P/No 240‑20‑24)
Accessible fuses
Accessible ID switch
Videcom bus
Standard Folknoll videcom bus connector
1Vp‑p composite, 75 Ohm PAL (colour)
Video in
8‑off terminated 75 Ohm BNC sockets
Video out
4-off 75 Ohm BNC sockets

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