Warden Call Hand Unit, Standard

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Part Number

  • WC7501: Hand Unit, Standard


  • Receives calls and alarms from speech units, panic button, door entry panels, etc.
  • Controls front doors releases
  • 32-character display
  • Simple user friendly operation
  • High durability
  • High reliability
  • Can be used to configure the prestige system


Folknoll offer a range of warden call equipment to provide peace of mind to occupants of warden controlled care homes and sheltered accommodation.

The WC7501 Prestige standard hand unit receives calls from speech units, door entry panels etc. and alerts users to alarms from panic buttons, pull cords, call points, etc. The unit can also be configured to alert users to alarms from external systems e.g. smoke detectors, exit door alarms etc.

In the event of a call or alarm the hand unit generates an alarm tone and displays a message identifying the source of the alarm.

If the call is from a door entry panel the hand unit acts as a door entry master station allowing the user to operate the door releases remotely.

The hand unit can also be used to configure warden call and nurse call systems during installation and maintenance.