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VD 9007-004: Custodial Vehicle Door Emergency Electric Winder System


  • Emergency backup electric winder system
  • Provides peace of mind in the event of hydraulic system failure
  • Detachable remote control
  • IP65 for outdoor use
  • Suitable for custodial sites

About our Custodial Vehicle Door Emergency Electric Winder System

Our VD 9007‑004 is a complete weather resistant emergency backup electric winder system for custodial hydraulic ram gates and doors.

Allows your site to continue operation in the event of a hydraulic or control system failure.

Provides an effective alternative to the traditional hand wind backup system.

Suitable for Police, Magistrates' Courts, Prisons and similar high security buildings.

All enclosures, connectors, etc. are IP65 for outdoor use.


Dimensions (control box excluding connector)
Width: 200mm, height: 200mm, depth: 120mm (approx.)
Dimensions (remote control unit)
Width: 50mm, height: 200mm, depth: 40mm (approx.)
Ingress protection

Suitable for


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