Disabled Toilet Alarm Controller, Input, Reversible, 16-Zone

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm DT7550.98, Controller, Input, Reversible, 16-Zone imageDisabled Toilet Alarm DT7550.98, Controller, Input, Reversible, 16-Zone image
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Part Number

  • DT7550.98: Controller, Input, Reversible, 16-Zone


  • Monitors up to 16 channels
  • Can be networked to monitor up to 256 channels
  • Inputs can be used individually for basic systems
  • Inputs can be used in pairs for monitored and alarm strip systems
  • Accept function for enhanced systems
  • Can be networked to indicator panels, graphical workstations and event log PCs
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Pluggable terminal block connections for ease of installation and maintenance
  • Can be supplied as a complete control system in wall mount enclosure with battery backed PSU
  • Input polarity can be reversed for compatibility with 3rd party systems
  • Compatible with Folknoll basic, enhanced, monitored and alarm strip systems


Our vandal resistant disabled toilet alarm range offers tough, cost‑effective, BS 8300:2009 compliant systems suitable for public use. We supply stand‑alone toilet alarms, multiple toilet systems with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVC, fire telephone, building alarms, etc. Interfaces for BMS and transmission over IP are also available. Ideal for shops, offices, hotels, factories and similar locations.

System input controllers monitor up to 16 basic stand-alone disabled toilets, 8 monitored toilets systems or 8 alarm strip systems; reporting alarms and faults to remote indicator panels, workstations and other system devices.

Controllers can be networked together to provide monitoring for up to 256 channels, installed in central control rooms or distributed throughout the site over RS485 or IP.

Controller units are usually supplied in fully enclosed surface mount enclosures, system PSUs or rack mount enclosures to suit site requirements. Please specify your requirements when ordering.

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