Disabled Refuge, Disabled Toilet Alarm and Custodial

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Intelligent Affray Alarm

Alarm strip products with strip illuminations and fault detection, ideal for custodial, general security and care alarm systems. 1-150 strips systems, IP65 strips available.

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Grand Egyptian Museum

Folknoll to supply site-wide, vandal resistant, disabled toilet alarm system with fault monitoring. The system will comprise 73 toilets grouped into 8 local areas with independent alarm panels networked to a central graphical operator workstation.

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Police Custody Suite Cell Call

Integrated cell call, affray alarm, intercom, door monitoring and locking control system for Police Custody Suites, Magistrates' Courts, Prisons and similar establishments.

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Back Box, Extra Tough, Super Flush, Stainless

Super flush back box for mounting cell call and other units in anti-pick. Ideal for safer cell, anti-ligature etc. suitable for prisons, police custody suites Magistrates courts, etc.

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Kit, Single, Pull Cord, Stainless

Vandal resistant disabled toilet alarm kit with stainless steel pull cord. Ideal for homes, schools, shops, etc. Conforms to the requirements of BS8300:2009.

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Call Point, Pneumatic, IP66, Chrome, Green

Water resistant, pneumatic, alarm point, ideal for showers, bathrooms, swimming pools, saunas, etc.

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We offer on-site installation, commissioning, training and maintenance, with remote technical support and design. Ensuring our products match your requirements.

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Custody Suite

Integrated custody suite system with affray alarm, cell call, intercom, locking control monitoring and fire alarm monitoring. Delivered and installed on a short timescale.

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Electric Winder Control Kit

Electric emergency winder system for hydraulic gates. Providing an effective alternative to traditional hand wind systems. Allows sites to continue operation in the event of a hydraulic or control system failure.

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Disabled Refuge

Vandal resistant, BS 5839-9:2011 compliant, disabled refuge EVC system. Offers cost effective solutions for shops, offices, hotels and other public spaces. Range of outstation designs with induction loops, photoluminescent and Braille annotation. Can be combined with fire telephone, emergency assistance alarms, etc.

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Disabled Toilet Alarm

Tough, proven, reliable, vandal resistant disabled toilet and emergency assistance alarm. Single and multiple toilet systems with options for local and site-wide monitoring. Interfaces for third party equipment. Range of standard and custom finishes. Conforms to the requirements of BS 8300:2009.

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Door Entry

We supply a complete range of door entry systems from basic single door to sophisticated digital systems. We also offer installation and maintenance services for door entry systems throughout East Anglia.

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Combined Buildings Systems

Combined disabled refuge EVC, disabled toilet alarms. fire telephone systems, controlled and monitored from a single fire panel sized enclosure.

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Workstation, PC, NIOS

Our NIOS PC workstation enables remote operators to monitor disabled toilet system alarms and faults over standard IP networks. Reducing cabling and installation costs.

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Welcome to Folknoll. Since 1975 we have been a leading UK manufacturer and supplier of tough, professional, reliable communication systems for the CARE, BUILDINGS and CUSTODIAL sectors.

Our proven range of specialist systems designed to meet the requirements of HM Prison Service, the Police and similar organisations. All of our custodial products conform to the relevant MoJ / Home Office / NOMS / HM Prison Service standards.

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Cost-effective, BS compliant solutions for disabled toilet and emergency assistance alarms, disabled refuge and fire telephone EVC, audio visual intercom and other communication systems.

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Our care systems provide peace of mind to residents of care homes, warden controlled homes, nursing homes and similar establishments.

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