Disabled Toilet Alarm Strip Switch, Illuminated, Red

  • Disabled Toilet Alarm DT 7800-126, Strip Switch, Illuminated, Red imageDisabled Toilet Alarm DT 7800-126, Strip Switch, Illuminated, Red image
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  • DT 7800-126: Strip Switch, Illuminated, Red


  • RED, illuminated, alarm strips for emergency assistance alarms, etc.

  • LED illumination, flashes on alarm, steady if ready, off if fault. Provides reassurance, deterrent and alarm received confirmation.

  • Can be mounted horizontally / vertically / at an angle, special fittings available for bends, corners, etc.

  • IP67 and antimicrobial options available.

  • Ideal for toilets, showers, bathrooms, saunas, poolside, etc.


Our vandal resistant disabled toilet alarm range offers tough, cost‑effective, BS 8300:2009 compliant systems suitable for public use. We supply stand‑alone toilet alarms, multiple toilet systems with remote monitoring and combined systems with disabled refuge EVC, fire telephone, building alarms, etc. Interfaces for BMS and transmission over IP are also available. Ideal for shops, offices, hotels, factories and similar locations.

Alarm strips can be mounted horizontally, at an angle or vertically. Brackets, corners, bends etc. are available for changes in direction. Multiple strips can activate the same alarm, allowing parallel strips at different heights along a wall.

Alarms are activated by pressing a strip anywhere along its length. The entire strip is illuminated by LEDs, which flash on alarm activation providing user reassurance, source indication and deterrence.

Other colours, styles, IP67 and antimicrobial versions available.

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