RA7700.40/45: Disabled Refuge Outstation, Photoluminescent, Green

Features -+

  • Bright green faceplate
  • White photoluminescent annotation
  • Braille annotation
  • Integral induction loop option
  • Vandal resistant
  • Large call button
  • Call progress LED
  • Integral microphone and speaker, independently adjustable with a maximum audio output of 80 dB for noisy areas
  • Line powered from battery backed system PSU
  • Anti-tamper fixings available
  • Optional surface or flush mount back box
  • Compatible with standard, compact and combined disabled refuge EVC systems

Description -+

Folknoll's vandal resistant, BS 5839‑9:2011 compliant, disabled refuge EVC system offers cost‑effective solutions for shops, offices, hotels and other public spaces.

Our single button pro-outstation is a bright green vandal resistant outstation with white photoluminescent and Braille annotation.

The speaker volume and microphone gain are independently adjustable with a maximum audio output of 80 dB for noisy areas. An optional induction loop kit is available.

The unit can be supplied with a surface or flush mount back box and anti-tamper fixings.

The pro-outstation is suitable for use with standard, compact and combined Folknoll disabled refuge EVC systems.

Specifications -+

Bright green finish, white photoluminescent and Braille annotation
Surface back box, mild steel, painted finish, black
Width: 140mm, height: 310mm (approx.)
Audio output
Adjustable (max: 80 dB)
12V / 24V (Usually supplied by battery backed system PSU)

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